Hello Rust Belt Rust attendee, and thanks for your interest in my Rust Belt Rust workshop “HEY! There’s OCaml in My Rust!” I appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to Rust, OCaml, or even possibly both! I hope you learn as much from the workshop as I did in preparation.

The hands-on portion of the workshop will have attendees writing the same problem (binary search tree) in OCaml and Rust and sharing observations and ideas with other attendees. We’ll step through one or two of the tree operations and invite attendees to write operations of their own or to explore and improve the ones we’ve already written. You have two options for environments if you’d like to participate: using online playgrounds or locally on your development machine (highly recommended).

All of the Rust examples are written to run using the Rust playground hosted by Integer32 or The Rust Language website. The OCaml examples are written to run on OCamlPro’s Try OCaml app.

Here’s a rundown of the software that should be installed and ready if you want to work locally:

You should have the following executables in your path when finished:

  • rustc
  • ocamlc
  • ocamlbuild
  • ocamlfind

You’re ready to go if you’ve got those four programs installed.

I look forward to meeting you at Rust Belt Rust! Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter if you have questions or just want to say hi!